To run the benchmark paste/type: sudo curl | sudo bash

Board: ODROID N2Plus - Model: ODROID-N2Plus

Board Overview
Board:ODROID N2Plus
Popularity:#26 / 978
Rank (Overall):#624 / 978
# Tests:94
Top Scores
15,995Anonymous3/21/23 1:10 pmGigabyte M.2 NVMe SSDnvme ssd connected to usb
15,599Roalkege2/5/23 12:55 pmSanDisk Extreme PortableSanDisk Portable SSD 1TB on Odroid N2+ using USB
14,061Anonymous2/23/21 12:14 amIntenso PortableSSD Series
12,163Anonymous5/26/23 1:18 amSamsung eMMC (CJTD4)Samsung eMMC 64GB
12,145Anonymous3/11/22 2:11 pmDogfish mSATA SSDDOGFISH mSATA 32GB on Odroid N2+ using SABRENT mSATA to USB 3.0 enclosure
12,016Anonymous2/6/23 2:32 pmKingston eMMC (Y2912)ODRIOD N2+ 4GB Bullseye overcloked with eMMC card 128GB
12,010Anonymous1/8/23 1:06 pmKingston eMMC (Y2912)eMMC card with Odroid n2+ 4GB
11,839Anonymous12/12/23 4:40 pmKingston eMMC (Y2912)s
11,818Anonymous12/12/23 4:43 pmTranscend SSD300 Seriesrenk
11,815Anonymous12/12/23 6:03 pmKingSpec NT Seriesf
11,775Anonymous12/26/22 8:57 amKingston eMMC (Y2912)128GB eMMC card (Debian 11) on Ordoid n2+
11,758Anonymous12/27/22 4:00 amKingston eMMC (Y2912)128GB eMMC card on Odroid n2+ 4GB
11,526Anonymous12/12/23 4:37 pmKingSpec NT Seriessdb
11,447Anonymous2/6/23 2:32 pmSamsung eMMC (CJTD4)ODRIOD N2+ 4GB overcloked with eMMC card 64GB
11,431Anonymous12/12/23 6:02 pmKingSpec NT Seriesx
Recent Scores
5,279Anonymous12/20/23 4:51 pmKingSpec NT Seriesa
5,336Anonymous12/20/23 3:19 pmKingSpec NT Series
2,064Anonymous12/20/23 2:27 pmKingSpec NT Seriess
3,070Anonymous12/20/23 1:00 pmKingSpec NT Seriesa
10,386Anonymous12/17/23 8:58 amKingSpec NT Series.
9,577Anonymous12/17/23 6:26 amKingSpec NT Series1s
9,632Anonymous12/17/23 6:23 amKingSpec NT Series
9,348Anonymous12/17/23 6:22 amKingSpec NT Seriesz3heatsinkin1
10,786Anonymous12/17/23 4:43 amKingston eMMC (Y2912)emmc
10,934Anonymous12/17/23 4:35 amKingSpec NT Seriesl
10,771Anonymous12/17/23 4:32 amKingSpec NT Seriesxx
10,495Anonymous12/17/23 4:31 amKingSpec NT Seriess
10,740Anonymous12/17/23 4:25 amKingSpec NT Seriess
11,082Anonymous12/17/23 4:24 amKingSpec NT Seriess
10,642Anonymous12/17/23 4:14 amKingston eMMC (Y2912)z3 O 21