To run the benchmark paste/type: sudo curl | sudo bash

Board: Raspberry Pi 400 1.0 - Model: Raspberry Pi 400 Rev 1.0

Raspberry Pi 400 1.0
Raspberry Pi 400 1.0
Board Overview
Board:Raspberry Pi 400 1.0
Model:Raspberry Pi 400 Rev 1.0
Manufacturer:Raspberry Pi Foundation
Popularity:#7 / 671
Rank (Overall):#438 / 671
# Tests:1,204
Top Scores
11,085Anonymous7/21/21 12:37 amKingSpec Z3 Portable SeriesKingSpec Z3 Portable Series 240gb
9,897cheezmonkey2/7/23 4:23 amSanDisk Ultra IISandisk Ultra II on Pihut generic USB
9,752Anonymous12/23/21 12:51 pmSSK USB to M.2 NVMe EnclosureSAMSUNG MZALQ256HAJD-000L2 on Pi 400 using NVMe to USB adapter
9,709Anonymous4/30/22 5:48 pmSamsung 850 EVO
9,653rebootsdamachina3/12/22 6:33 pmUndentified JMicron USB to SATA AdapterKioxia 2230 NvME on a Pi 400 keyboard Model
9,631Anonymous12/23/21 12:41 pmSSK USB to M.2 NVMe EnclosureSAMSUNG MZALQ256HBJD-00BL2 on Pi 400 using NVMe to USB adapter
9,593Nick_Art9/3/21 3:24 pmSamsung 860 EVOSamsung 860 EVO 500GB on a usb3.1gen2 adapter box from UGREEN with an ASM235cm chip Type UGREEN US221 or 50743
9,589woodland9/30/21 7:05 amSamsung T5 PortablePortableSSDT5
9,579Anonymous3/28/22 7:11 amZebronics SD12 2.5" SSDzerbronics ssd
9,382reboots3/13/22 9:39 amUndentified JMicron USB to SATA AdapterKioxia 128gb nvme pcie ssd on a raspberry pi 400 overclocked by commander pi settings.
9,343Anonymous12/30/21 4:12 pmCrucial MX500 SeriesCrucial MX500 on Pi 400 using UGREEN Enclosure with USB-C Port
9,312Anonymous12/23/21 9:19 amPatriot Burst Elite Series
9,302Reboots3/13/22 10:16 amMyDigitalSSD SuperBoot2RPI 400 Keyboard with 32gb SB SSD
9,293Mike Ure2/19/21 11:23 amTranscend MTS SeriesTranscend MT400 Pi400 2.2Ghz ASM1153e
9,293Anonymous4/16/21 2:08 amSamsung 870 EVO
Recent Scores
5,767Anonymous2/8/23 2:24 pmSanDisk SSD PlusSandisk RP 400 usb 3 sata
2,425Anonymous2/8/23 2:18 pmSanDisk SSD PlusSandisk 400 on PI 400
9,897cheezmonkey2/7/23 4:23 amSanDisk Ultra IISandisk Ultra II on Pihut generic USB
1,630Anonymous2/1/23 12:03 pmSKHynix SD OEM (USD00)Verbatim Pro 32G MicroSD on Pi 400
1,139Anonymous1/24/23 8:13 amSanDisk SD Ultra A1 (SC16G)SanDisk SC16G on Pi400 1800Mhz
1,308Anonymous1/22/23 6:56 amSanDisk SD Extreme A2 (SN256)usb flash
2,526Anonymous1/15/23 2:58 pmSamsung 850 ProSamsung SSD on Pi 400 USB 2.0
8,221autobahnkid1/14/23 10:26 amSamsung T7 Shield Portable SSDSamsung T7 Shield 1TB on Pi 400 USB 3
1,234Anonymous1/11/23 12:12 amSanDisk SD Ultra A1 (SC32G)Samsung SD Card on pi400
8,175Anonymous1/7/23 2:22 amSamsung T5 Portable
7,910Anonymous1/7/23 2:21 amSamsung T5 Portable
518Anonymous1/6/23 12:04 pmPNY SD High Performance (SD32G)Overclock 2.0 ghz voltage 4
510Anonymous1/6/23 11:17 amPNY SD High Performance (SD32G)
5,468Anonymous1/3/23 3:51 amPatriot Burst SeriesSSD USB3 Pi4
2,298Anonymous1/3/23 3:46 amPatriot Burst SeriesSSD USB 2 Pi4