To run the benchmark paste/type: sudo curl | sudo bash

Brand: Crucial M500 Series

Crucial M500 Series
Class:SSD (2.5" SATA)
Popularity:#84 / 1,002
# Tests:43
Rank (Overall):#273 / 1,002
Rank (Type):#271 / 524
Rank (Class):#105 / 271
Crucial M500 Series
Brand:Crucial M500 Series
Top Scores
8,705Anonymous4/12/20 7:26 pmCT120M500SSD1ssd
8,312jchambers6/28/19 9:36 pmCT256M550SSD3Crucial M550
8,204Anonymous9/6/19 7:46 pmCT120M500SSD1Crucial M500
8,087Anonymous6/3/20 12:22 pmCT240M500SSD1crusial m500 240Gb on rpi 4b using startech SATA to USB adapter
8,028Anonymous4/18/20 5:11 amCT240M500SSD1Crucial M500 using StarTech SATA to USB adapter
7,976Anonymous4/25/20 1:48 pmCT240M500SSD1Crucial MX500 SSD on Pi 4 using StarTech SATA to USB adapter
7,910Anonymous5/8/20 7:31 pmCT240M500SSD1Crucial MX240 - Edwin Inateck Controller
7,809Anonymous4/10/20 2:46 pmCT240M500SSD1Crucial SSD
7,798ssd12/3/19 4:50 amCT240M500SSD1SSD
7,729Anonymous9/14/19 4:41 amCT120M500SSD1128GB SSD
7,688pi4-ssd5/14/20 8:54 amCT120M500SSD3SSD on Pi4
7,673Anonymous4/18/21 3:00 pmCT240M500SSD1Crucial M500 on Pi 4 using StarTech Sata to USB 3.1 adapter
7,601soybie4/3/20 1:10 amCT240M500SSD1m500 on pi4 without usb quirks
7,592Arisaig993/3/20 7:10 amCT120M500SSD12Gb Pi4 with Eluteng sata to USB3 and 120gb Crucial M500
7,548Anonymous5/2/20 7:42 amCT120M500SSD3StartTech SATA to USB Adaper via msata 2 SATA adapter to Crucial 120Gb SSD
Recent Scores
6,990Anonymous7/7/21 7:09 pmCT240M500SSD1
4,381cpo5/8/21 6:45 pmCT480M500SSD1M500 SSD on Raspberry Pi 4 with USB3 SATA Adapter
2,585cpo5/4/21 6:28 amCT480M500SSD1Crucial MX500 SSD on Pi4 using poppstar SATA to USB-c adapter
5,600Anonymous4/30/21 2:42 pmCT120M500SSD1Crucial MX500 120GB on Pi 4 B using SATA to USB MAIWO
5,978Anonymous4/29/21 6:58 pmCT120M500SSD1Crucial M500 120GB on Pi 4 8GB using Inatek dual bay SATA to USB docking station