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Brand: FNK Tech USB SD Card Reader

FNK Tech USB SD Card Reader
FNK Tech USB SD Card Reader
Brand Overview
Brand:FNK Tech USB SD Card Reader
Class:USB Flash
Type:USB Flash
Popularity:#83 / 1,307
# Tests:83
Rank (Overall):#1,046 / 1,307
Rank (Type):#33 / 86
Rank (Class):#34 / 82
Top Scores
20,849Anonymous5/5/21 1:07 amTECHUSBCARDREADERsd
8,060gbits6/15/20 10:52 pmGenericSTORAGEDEVICE
7,877gbits6/15/20 10:58 pmGenericSTORAGEDEVICE
7,819gbits6/15/20 10:51 pmGenericSTORAGEDEVICE
7,757gbits6/15/20 10:37 pmGenericSTORAGEDEVICESP Silicon Power 128GB micro SDXC A2 U3 V30 in RocketTek in USB 3.1 port
7,728gbits6/16/20 12:19 amGeneric-SD/MMC
7,666gbits6/15/20 10:42 pmGenericSTORAGEDEVICE
7,638gbits6/15/20 10:45 pmGenericSTORAGEDEVICE
7,505gbits6/16/20 12:48 pmGeneric-SD/MMC
7,485gbits6/16/20 12:22 amGeneric-SD/MMC
7,473gbits6/16/20 12:51 pmGeneric-SD/MMC
7,317gbits6/16/20 12:16 amGeneric-SD/MMC
7,284gbits6/15/20 10:17 pmGeneric-SD/MMCSP Silicon Power 128GB micro SDXC A2 U3 V30 on Nekteck USB Type C OTG Micro SD Card Reader with Additional Standard USB Port Connector in a USB 3.1 port
7,262gbits6/15/20 10:57 pmGenericSTORAGEDEVICE
7,235gbits6/16/20 12:52 pmGeneric-SD/MMC
Recent Scores
775huxelot7/25/22 11:17 pmMassStorageDevicePanasonic default 32GB Rapberry pi
1,137Anonymous7/8/22 2:55 amGenericSTORAGEDEVICE
1,047Anonymous7/1/22 7:19 amGenericSTORAGEDEVICEsamsung 64 u3
554Anonymous6/30/22 6:39 amMassStorageDevicetest
681Anonymous6/26/22 7:51 amMassStorageDevice1
963Anonymous5/30/22 10:17 amGenericSTORAGEDEVICESanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I Card 64GB on Pi 4 using ISY ICR 510
1,646StormLord5/5/22 4:30 amGenericSTORAGEDEVICEPatriot LX 32GB SD via usb3 sd reader
699Anonymous2/5/22 4:13 amGenericMass-Storage
464Anonymous1/5/22 3:05 pmGenericMass-Storage
1,114Anonymous12/28/21 7:11 pmMultipleCardReaderUSB Stick office choice
1,134computerdoc12/14/21 12:32 amGenericSTORAGEDEVICESanDisk Extreme 128GB uSD card on Official Rpi CM4 IO Bd @ 1.5GHZ running Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye
826shorted.neuron12/13/21 1:37 pmMassStorageDeviceSanDisk High Endurance 64GB U3 in smartq reader in USB3 port
841shorted.neuron12/13/21 1:27 pmMassStorageDeviceSanDisk High Endurance 64GB U3 via generic reader in USB3 port
897Anonymous12/1/21 2:12 pmGenericMass-Storage
802Anonymous11/21/21 9:15 pmMassStorageDevice