To run the benchmark paste/type: sudo curl | sudo bash

Brand: PNY CS900

Brand Overview
Brand:PNY CS900
Class:SSD (2.5" SATA)
Popularity:#34 / 1,269
# Tests:193
Rank (Overall):#450 / 1,269
Rank (Type):#443 / 733
Rank (Class):#173 / 341
Top Scores
10,189Anonymous5/18/20 12:03 pmCS900120GBSSDoverclocked Pi 4 to 2147 with ELUTENG USB adapter
9,724Anonymous5/20/20 5:23 pmCS900240GBSSDPNY SSD
9,138Anonymous3/29/20 5:41 amCS900120GBSSD
8,742Anonymous3/31/20 8:24 amCS900120GBSSDPNY CS900
8,694Pfuriosus774/12/20 11:51 amCS900120GBSSDPNY CS900 SSD on Pi 4 using a StarTech SATA to USB adapter
8,681Anonymous2/12/21 2:12 amCS900120GBSSDPNY CS900 in Ugreen USB3.1 on Pi400
8,619Anonymous3/23/20 6:32 amCS900120GBSSD
8,570Anonymous4/28/20 11:06 pmCS900120GBSSDPNY 120gb SSD
8,518Anonymous6/4/20 6:44 amCS900120GBSSDPNY SSD Raspberry 1
8,512Anonymous2/12/21 3:21 amCS900120GBSSDPNY CS900 in Ugreen USB3.1 on Pi400
8,504Anonymous2/15/20 12:41 pmCS900120GBSSDrpi4_pnyssd
8,486dzm7/1/19 10:39 pmCS900120GBSSDPNY CS900
8,407Anonymous4/9/21 5:38 pmCS900120GBSSDPI400 UGreen Usb 3.1 enclosure and PNY CS900 SSD
8,299Anonymous10/9/19 2:46 pmCS900120GBSSDSSD
8,276billsidea3/23/21 7:12 pmCS900120GBSSDpny ssd
Recent Scores
5,469jmsuan5/1/22 5:56 pmCS9001TBSSDPNY SSD7CS900-1TB on Pi 4 using included SATA to USB 3.0 adapter
5,560AM4/13/22 9:59 amCS900120GBSSDPNY CS900 120GB SSD, JMicron JMS567 USB->Sata adapter rpi4 4GB test #3
7,262gt40mkii4/13/22 9:56 amCS900500GBSSDPNY CS90 500GB SSD on a DeskPi USB adaptor running on a Pi 4 Model B with 8GB RAM, no overclocking.
5,596AM4/13/22 9:56 amCS900120GBSSDPNY CS900 120GB SSD, JMicron JMS567 USB->Sata adapter rpi4 4GB
5,000AM4/13/22 9:53 amCS900120GBSSDPNY CS900 120GB SSD, JMicron JMS567 USB->Sata adapter
6,879gt40mkii4/13/22 9:42 amCS900500GBSSDRaspberry Pi 4B, 8GB RAM, SSD over USB3.
2,880Anonymous3/14/22 5:01 amCS900120GBSSD
8,047Anonymous3/11/22 5:34 amCS900120GBSSDrpi4 8gb usb3 sata ssd case
2,557Anonymous3/11/22 5:30 amCS900120GBSSDrpi4 8gb sata usb ssd
4,953Anonymous3/4/22 1:15 amCS900120GBSSDPNY CS900 with EasyULT Adapter on RPI 4 4Gb Raspi os lite 64 bits and POE+ hat
5,606Anonymous3/4/22 12:31 amCS900120GBSSDGigabyte GP-GSTFS31256GTND with EasyULT Adapter on Rpi 4 4gb 64 bits
7,114Anonymous2/24/22 7:52 pmCS900120GBSSDpi 400 SSD
5,203Anonymous1/29/22 6:13 pmCS900240GBSSDPNY CS900 240GB SSD using ASM1051E SATA to USB3 Bridge on 4GB Pi4.
2,741Anonymous1/24/22 12:35 amCS900120GBSSDPNY SSD 120GB PiBox SATA Adaptor
5,651Anonymous1/22/22 12:03 pmCS900120GBSSDPNY CS900 120Gb on USB3 Pi 4 using EasyULT USB adapter & aarch64