To run the benchmark paste/type: sudo curl | sudo bash

Brand: PNY Elite Portable

PNY Elite Portable
PNY Elite Portable
Brand Overview
Brand:PNY Elite Portable
Class:SSD (Portable)
Popularity:#93 / 1,539
# Tests:117
Rank (Overall):#429 / 1,539
Rank (Type):#411 / 875
Rank (Class):#73 / 137
Top Scores
27,158Anonymous4/10/22 1:15 amELITEPSSDStartech cable to OCZ-ARC100
11,251Anonymous12/15/23 4:48 amELITEPSSDPNY USB ssd 240G
9,760Anonymous5/2/20 3:47 amELITEPSSDPNY
9,522DrJohnM612/16/20 12:10 pmELITEPSSDPNY ELITE PSSD PNY Elite 240GB USB 3.1 on Pi 4b
9,107G3Ry5/19/20 1:17 pmELITEPSSDkingspec amazon avec pi 4 et iraspbian sur SSD
8,705Anonymous2/17/20 4:15 amELITEPSSDPNY Elite 240GB USB3.0 SSD drive
8,647Anonymous3/18/20 10:26 amELITEPSSDPNY SSD
8,616Anonymous1/29/20 4:42 pmELITEPSSDSSD PNY 250
8,609Anonymous4/26/20 6:26 amELITEPSSDPNY CS1050 on Pi 4
8,565FTEP4/3/20 9:58 amELITEPSSD
8,526gschizas-thaumas4/23/20 4:17 amELITEPSSDPNY ELITE PSSD On Raspberry Pi 4
8,524Anonymous2/29/20 3:38 pmELITEPSSD
8,501MajorMuppet5/1/20 7:38 amELITEPSSDPNY Portable SSD Elite 240GB on Pi 4
8,488Anonymous3/8/20 8:34 amELITEPSSD
8,479epo1/1/20 9:59 amELITEPSSDPNY Elite 480GB on Pi4
Recent Scores
3,051Anonymous2/12/24 12:34 pmELITEPSSD
11,251Anonymous12/15/23 4:48 amELITEPSSDPNY USB ssd 240G
6,595Anonymous11/19/23 5:41 pmELITEPSSDPNY 1GB SSD
2,683Sancho11/17/23 8:36 amELITEPSSDPNY USB3.0 1TB SSD
7,026Anonymous12/20/22 6:19 pmELITEPSSDnone
7,016Anonymous12/17/22 10:24 pmELITEPSSDusb3 port
6,967Anonymous12/13/22 9:27 amELITEPSSD
6,928Anonymous12/12/22 9:00 pmELITEPSSDPNY USB 3.0 ssd boot drive
6,947Anonymous12/12/22 8:29 pmELITEPSSDKingston A400 SSD on Pi 4 using StarTech SATA to USB adapter
6,777nibz9/10/22 1:59 pmELITEPSSDPNY SSD 240Go on Pi4 rev1.4 2GO
6,632nibz9/10/22 1:52 pmELITEPSSDCrucial X6 SSD 500GO on Pi4 rev 1.5+ 2GO
7,143nibz9/10/22 1:47 pmELITEPSSDCrucial X6 SSD 500GO on Pi4 rev 1.5+ 2GO
6,661nibz9/10/22 1:36 pmELITEPSSDPNY 240GO SSD Pi4 rev1.5 2G0
5,687Nibz9/10/22 1:34 pmELITEPSSDPNY 240Go SSD Pi4 rev1.5 2GO
8,304rico8/12/22 3:38 amELITEPSSDpi overclocked