To run the benchmark paste/type: sudo curl | sudo bash

Brand: Samsung SD EVO+ (GB1QT)

Samsung SD EVO+ (GB1QT)
Samsung SD EVO+ (GB1QT)
Brand Overview
Brand:Samsung SD EVO+ (GB1QT)
Class:C10 U3
Popularity:#49 / 1,427
# Tests:157
Rank (Overall):#1,149 / 1,427
Rank (Type):#192 / 339
Top Scores
2,227Anonymous3/6/23 12:55 pmGB1QTubuntustock
1,379Anonymous2/5/22 7:19 pmGB1QTSAMSUNG EVO select 32gb Pi 4 4gb
1,370Anonymous2/6/22 6:35 pmGB1QTpi4 4GB
1,338Anonymous2/24/22 7:29 amGB1QT
1,333Anonymous5/18/20 7:03 pmGB1QTidk man
1,318Anonymous5/10/22 6:09 pmGB1QTraspi4
1,292Anonymous5/29/20 5:58 pmGB1QTSamsung EVO U1 32GB 100MHz sdcard
1,285Anonymous3/13/21 6:21 pmGB1QTSamsung EVO 32GB 2ghz/700mhz OC
1,284mm778/29/21 2:52 amGB1QTSS EVO Select 32GB
1,282npsuser6/17/20 11:58 pmGB1QTJetson with Sandisk 32GB
1,273Anonymous2/8/22 8:43 pmGB1QTSamsung SD Card
1,273Anonymous1/27/20 4:21 pmGB1QTIntel SSD on Pi 4 using SATA to USB
1,271Anonymous5/23/20 5:20 pmGB1QTtest
1,265Anonymous8/24/21 8:10 amGB1QTKingston A400 SSD on Pi 4 using Inatech SATA to USB adapter
1,263Anonymous6/28/21 4:30 pmGB1QTsamsung sd card
Recent Scores
1,136Anonymous3/6/23 4:45 pmGB1QT
1,174Anonymous3/6/23 2:06 pmGB1QTJammy
2,227Anonymous3/6/23 12:55 pmGB1QTubuntustock
1,089Anonymous3/6/23 12:26 pmGB1QTBookworm
797Anonymous3/6/23 11:02 amGB1QTubuntu
805Anonymous3/6/23 10:18 amGB1QTUbuntu patched
787Anonymous3/6/23 8:50 amGB1QTpatchedUbuntu
1,047Anonymous3/6/23 8:12 amGB1QTMicrosd
728Anonymous3/1/23 3:55 pmGB1QTMicroSD
835Anonymous2/8/23 10:38 pmGB1QTSamsung 32GB uSD on Libre Renegade
933Anonymous1/21/23 10:43 pmGB1QTSamsung EVO Select on Pi 3b+
812Anonymous1/14/23 10:31 amGB1QTPi 3B+ with uSD card
1,055bradjshannon1/7/23 5:34 pmGB1QTSamsung EVO SD card over a cheap SD extender on a Pi4 8GB
536doorman1/4/23 2:16 pmGB1QTpi3_88_jan4_22
655doorman1/4/23 1:57 pmGB1QTpi3_89_jan4_23