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Brand: SanDisk Extreme Portable

SanDisk Extreme Portable
SanDisk Extreme Portable
Brand Overview
Brand:SanDisk Extreme Portable
Class:SSD (Portable)
Popularity:#37 / 1,268
# Tests:180
Rank (Overall):#162 / 1,268
Rank (Type):#160 / 733
Rank (Class):#35 / 125
Top Scores
11,337Lou5/23/20 7:49 pmExtremeSSDSandisk Portable SSD Extreme Pro
10,555Anonymous8/17/19 8:42 pmSD9SN8W512G
10,501Jmonee3/2/21 10:27 amExtreme55AESanDisk Extreme External SSD (nVME 1050 mb/s) on pi with overclock 2300/900
10,370dgd5/26/20 2:01 amSD9SN8W256Gdgd 250g ssd portable
10,269Diet Lover6/1/20 11:06 amSD9SN8W512GSundisk Portable - DietPi RP14B
10,208Anonymous3/2/21 10:34 amExtreme55AE
10,166Lou5/16/21 9:23 pmExtremeSSDPi 4 Sandisk Xtreme SSD
10,165Anonymous3/2/21 10:30 amExtreme55AE
10,109dgd2/24/20 2:15 pmSD9SN8W256Gscandisk extrem portable pi4 4g
9,654Anonymous5/1/20 1:44 amSD9SN8W512GSandisk Extreme 500G
9,499Anonymous6/7/20 3:01 amSD9SN8W256G
9,344KBPI6/21/20 3:23 pmExtremeSSDRPI4 @2GHZ SANDISK EXTREME PRO EXT
9,338Anonymous5/16/20 11:59 amSD9SN8W512G
9,337Anonymous2/20/21 6:49 amSD9SN8W256G
9,311Anonymous2/20/21 6:15 amSD9SN8W256G
Recent Scores
5,802Anonymous4/30/22 12:46 amSD9SN8W256GA
5,403Anonymous3/27/22 4:33 amPortableSSDSandDisk 1TB SSD
8,370subnet3/6/22 9:07 amExtreme55AESanDisk Extreme Portable SSD External Hard Drive on Pi4 8GB
9,285Z$3/3/22 5:31 amExtreme55AESanDisk SDSSDE61-500G on Pi 400US
2,703Anonymous2/24/22 2:38 amExtreme55AEpi4 SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 500 GB
7,774fester20012/21/22 2:35 pmExtreme55AESanDisk Extreme Portable SSD Drive
8,448Anonymous12/19/21 3:06 pmExtreme55AE
2,669VaticanUK12/15/21 11:11 amExtremeSSDSanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD
7,538Anonymous12/13/21 7:16 amExtreme55AE
7,539Anonymous12/13/21 7:14 amExtreme55AESandisk Extreme 1TB SSD Portable on Pi4
7,082Anonymous12/10/21 10:06 amExtreme55AESandisk Extreme Portable 1TB on a Pi4
8,714ArkB12/4/21 10:12 pmExtreme55AESanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 1TB on RPi 4
6,542Uhwah12/2/21 9:37 amPortableSSDSanDisk Portable SSD (non Extreme) and Raspberry Pi 4
6,036Uhwah11/27/21 5:47 amPortableSSDRaspberry Pi 4 with Sandisk Portable SSD 480GB (not Extreme)
3,192Anonymous11/20/21 11:52 amSD9SN8W1T00SanDisk Extreme on Pi 3B