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Brand: SanDisk SD Extreme A2 (SN128)

SanDisk SD Extreme A2 (SN128)
SanDisk SD Extreme A2 (SN128)
Brand Overview
Brand:SanDisk SD Extreme A2 (SN128)
Class:A2 C10 V30 U3
Popularity:#38 / 1,307
# Tests:181
Rank (Overall):#924 / 1,307
Rank (Type):#82 / 317
Top Scores
1,526Woogey2/8/22 8:23 amSN128SanDisk Extreme A2 128GB Pi4 8GB
1,510Anonymous12/14/21 3:29 amSN128128Gb-SanDisk-Extreme
1,495Anonymous2/23/22 1:52 pmSN128Sandisk Switch SD 128GB
1,485Anonymous2/2/22 6:17 pmSN128extreme 128gb
1,455Anonymous6/7/21 7:57 amSN128SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 (SDXXX C10 V30 U3)
1,455phillybass3/13/20 6:29 pmSN128SanDisk Extreme 128 GB A1 U3 V30 uSD on Pi4 Model B
1,451Anonymous3/2/20 6:27 amSN128SanDisk MicroSD Card
1,450Anonymous6/6/22 2:26 pmSN128RPi
1,442NickLaren1/21/22 8:48 amSN128SanDisk Extreme 128G on Pi 4
1,439Anonymous2/25/20 4:08 pmSN128Sandisk Extreme A2 on Pi
1,430whiteneon12/14/21 11:34 amSN128Sandisk Extreme 128GB SD on Pi4 8GB Factory
1,428iaburn10/30/21 8:47 amSN128Micro SD on Pi 400
1,425Anonymous12/20/21 1:44 amSN128
1,420Anonymous1/31/22 10:41 amSN128
1,417cardiffborn7/6/21 11:46 amSN128Sandisk Extreme A2 128GB on rpi4 clean install
Recent Scores
1,366Anonymous8/6/22 7:48 amSN128
1,356mikeycognac8/6/22 7:44 amSN128Nintendo Branded Sandisk SD card on RPi 4
1,099saf7/22/22 7:25 pmSN128
1,066saf7/22/22 7:25 pmSN128
1,009Anonymous7/7/22 8:58 pmSN128
1,352dsondermann7/4/22 11:19 pmSN128
1,125Anonymous6/21/22 9:23 amSN128Transcend 25m3 1tb jumpdrive
1,450Anonymous6/6/22 2:26 pmSN128RPi
1,365Anonymous6/1/22 2:29 pmSN128yeah
1,344Anonymous5/16/22 3:28 pmSN128Sandisk 128Gb A1A2
1,333Anonymous4/18/22 1:02 amSN128
1,257Anonymous4/10/22 11:24 amSN128
1,343Rebelsnest4/10/22 10:32 amSN128Pi
1,291UM4/4/22 4:57 amSN128SDExtreme
1,411Anonymous3/31/22 12:03 pmSN128sd_xyz