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Brand: SanDisk SD Extreme Pro A1 (SP32G)

SanDisk SD Extreme Pro A1 (SP32G)
SanDisk SD Extreme Pro A1 (SP32G)
Brand Overview
Brand:SanDisk SD Extreme Pro A1 (SP32G)
Class:A1 C10 V30 U3
Popularity:#39 / 1,513
# Tests:251
Rank (Overall):#992 / 1,513
Rank (Type):#30 / 355
Top Scores
2,289Anonymous12/28/19 6:27 amSP32GSandisk Extreme Pro SD on Pi 3b+
2,006Anonymous3/4/23 11:48 amSP32GOrnage Pi5 (Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2242 DRAM))
1,878Anonymous7/25/19 3:13 pmSP32GSanDisk Extreme Plus
1,864Anonymous4/1/20 5:34 pmSP32G
1,830Anonymous12/15/22 6:20 pmSP32Gsandisk extreme pro
1,806Anonymous6/7/21 8:22 amSP32GSanDisk Extreme Pro A1 (SDXXX C10 V30 U3)
1,786ribbemjorn8/8/23 2:23 pmSP32Gpremmc
1,771Anonymous5/8/23 1:57 amSP32GEE-rock-SD
1,767Anonymous4/15/23 12:48 amSP32Gexpro
1,762Anonymous2/13/20 4:12 amSP32G
1,753Anonymous9/13/21 12:27 pmSP32GSanDisk on Pi 4
1,753Ali6/18/21 8:28 pmSP32G
1,746Anonymous3/31/21 11:00 pmSP32GNetac 250gb usb
1,742v1104/17/20 1:35 pmSP32GSanDisk Extreme Pro microSDHC 32GB 100MB/s on Pi 4
1,742Anonymous5/4/20 7:03 amSP32G
Recent Scores
1,232Anonymous11/22/23 11:19 amSP32G
1,786ribbemjorn8/8/23 2:23 pmSP32Gpremmc
1,281Anonymous7/21/23 3:40 pmSP32G
1,738Anonymous7/21/23 6:20 amSP32GSandisk 32GB SD on Pi 4
1,240prof. nutbutter6/15/23 12:34 amSP32Gsandisk extreme plus 32gb
1,229Anonymous6/15/23 12:16 amSP32GSandisk Extreme Plus 32gb
1,691Anonymous5/17/23 10:14 pmSP32G
1,663Anonymous5/17/23 10:02 pmSP32GSandisk 32BG Extreme Pro onboard MicroSD slot
1,509Anonymous5/14/23 9:15 amSP32G
1,394Anonymous5/14/23 9:11 amSP32GMicroSD
1,771Anonymous5/8/23 1:57 amSP32GEE-rock-SD
1,307ureo4/27/23 11:38 amSP32GSanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB on Pi4 4GB 1.5GHz
1,411ureo4/27/23 11:22 amSP32GSanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB on Pi4 4GB 2GHz
1,525PA2LTH4/20/23 8:33 amSP32GSandisk 32GB on pi400
1,435PA2LTH4/20/23 7:29 amSP32GSandisk SDC on pi400