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Brand: SanDisk SD Extreme Pro A2 (SR64G)

SanDisk SD Extreme Pro A2 (SR64G)
SanDisk SD Extreme Pro A2 (SR64G)
Brand Overview
Brand:SanDisk SD Extreme Pro A2 (SR64G)
Class:A2 C10 V30 U3
Popularity:#19 / 1,408
# Tests:323
Rank (Overall):#1,030 / 1,408
Rank (Type):#114 / 336
Top Scores
1,625Anonymous1/25/23 5:02 pmSR64G
1,583Anonymous2/21/21 9:29 pmSR64GSanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB on Pi 4 with F2FS
1,554Anonymous1/26/23 8:30 pmSR64G
1,551Anonymous1/25/23 7:58 pmSR64G
1,501Anonymous8/15/22 7:12 pmSR64Gsamsung sd 2
1,496Anonymous4/12/22 1:59 pmSR64G
1,474Anonymous8/15/22 7:44 pmSR64GONN SSD
1,447Anonymous8/15/22 7:06 pmSR64Gsamsung sd
1,437jungin5003/5/22 12:02 amSR64GSanDisk Extreme Pro U3 128G on Jetson Nano 4GB devkit
1,434Shadowxphire8/10/22 1:58 amSR64GSanDisk 4TB SSD as NAS using OpenMediaVault 6 on Raspberry Pi 4b with 4,2 Amp Power Supply and Ugreen SSD Case from Amazon connected via USB 3.1, no additional Power supplied to SSD Case
1,433Anonymous4/6/22 1:25 pmSR64G
1,429jchambers4/27/19 4:35 pmSR64GSanDisk Extreme Pro
1,424Rawrs11/2/21 2:31 amSR64G64GB SanDisk Extreme Pro 170/90MB/s A2 rated
1,411Anonymous4/12/22 11:09 pmSR64GSanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB
1,407Anonymous4/12/22 1:55 pmSR64G
Recent Scores
1,554Anonymous1/26/23 8:30 pmSR64G
1,551Anonymous1/25/23 7:58 pmSR64G
1,625Anonymous1/25/23 5:02 pmSR64G
1,047Anonymous1/24/23 3:35 amSR64Gaze
1,391Anonymous1/8/23 3:17 amSR64Graspootin
1,386Anonymous1/1/23 11:53 amSR64GSanDisk - Model: SR64G A2 Class 10 V30 U3 mikroSD Card
1,285Anonymous12/22/22 4:15 pmSR64G
1,308Anonymous12/21/22 8:37 amSR64GSanDisk Extreme A2 64GB on Pi 4
1,372Anonymous12/15/22 3:54 amSR64GSanDisk Extreme Pro on Pi400
1,373Anonymous12/2/22 5:01 pmSR64GSandisk Extreme Pro on Pi 4
1,264Anonymous11/20/22 5:47 amSR64G
1,162Anonymous11/13/22 11:00 pmSR64GSD cArd + Pi48GB
1,397SK11/7/22 10:06 amSR64GSD Karte
1,151Ivo12s11/1/22 4:50 pmSR64Ghdparm
1,216Ivo12s11/1/22 4:44 pmSR64G