To run the benchmark paste/type: sudo curl | sudo bash

Brand: SanDisk SD Ultra A1 (SC16G)

SanDisk SD Ultra A1 (SC16G)
SanDisk SD Ultra A1 (SC16G)
Brand Overview
Brand:SanDisk SD Ultra A1 (SC16G)
Class:A1 C10 U1
Popularity:#6 / 1,411
# Tests:757
Rank (Overall):#1,106 / 1,411
Rank (Type):#166 / 335
Top Scores
2,396marss2/3/23 12:01 pmSC16GLibre Renegade Sandisk Ultra 16gb
1,408igor12/30/22 3:16 amSC16G8TB red with Samsung 840PRO 256Gb as ZFS cache
1,366billsidea4/2/21 1:25 amSC16GSanDisk Extreme 16GB on Pi 400 2000Mhz
1,360Anonymous12/9/21 8:54 pmSC16GSandisk Ultra 16GB Micro SD on Pi 4 running Raspbian + OMV, formatted as f2fs
1,349Anonymous7/21/22 3:33 amSC16GSanDisk Ultra on Pi 400
1,334Anonymous8/1/22 2:57 amSC16G
1,333Anonymous6/15/20 2:37 pmSC16GKingston A400 SSD on Pi 4 using StarTech SATA to USB adapter
1,329Anonymous5/6/20 8:12 pmSC16GKingston 300V SSD 120GB on Pi4 using ASMedia Technology Inc. ASM1153 SATA 3Gb/s Adapter
1,317Anonymous3/3/20 9:09 amSC16GScandiskUltra16Gb
1,314Anonymous8/3/22 8:47 pmSC16G
1,313Notupus5/27/20 2:36 amSC16GSandisk class 10 A1 on rpi4 2gb
1,312Anonymous3/1/22 10:28 amSC16G
1,307Anonymous9/27/22 11:59 amSC16G
1,303Anonymous7/19/21 5:13 amSC16G
1,303Ali6/18/21 6:40 pmSC16G
Recent Scores
510Franky2/8/23 1:01 pmSC16GSD on Pi3B+
1,132Anonymous2/4/23 3:21 pmSC16GPi SDCard
2,396marss2/3/23 12:01 pmSC16GLibre Renegade Sandisk Ultra 16gb
945Anonymous2/3/23 9:31 amSC16G
447Anonymous2/1/23 1:11 pmSC16GSandisk 16GB on Pi 3B+
938Anonymous1/30/23 12:17 pmSC16G16GB MicroSD on RPi3 with 1GB RAM
1,179Anonymous1/29/23 12:08 pmSC16Gsandisk
763Anonymous1/29/23 11:23 amSC16G
1,197rgrr1/28/23 1:23 amSC16GRaxda ROCK 3A with SD card
1,139Anonymous1/24/23 8:13 amSC16GSanDisk SC16G on Pi400 1800Mhz
1,128Anonymous1/15/23 2:59 amSC16GSSD Kingston A400 480GB 2.5 on PI4 using ICY BOX Adapter Cable SATA to USB 3.0
1,037Anonymous1/10/23 1:29 pmSC16Gold Pi
1,126Anonymous1/8/23 1:43 pmSC16Gsunbow
944Anonymous1/8/23 5:06 amSC16GSanDisk SD Ultra
1,132Anonymous1/5/23 11:01 amSC16G