To run the benchmark paste/type: sudo curl | sudo bash

Brand: Seagate Barracuda

Seagate Barracuda
# Tests:71
Brand:Seagate Barracuda
Seagate Barracuda
AveragePi 4HighLow
Top Scores
1,845Anonymous4/10/20 8:40 amnew
1,623ucav8/20/20 5:31 pmSeagate ST332041 8AS with generic jms579 usb 3.0 adapter in Raspberry Pi 4
1,592Anonymous2/20/20 8:56 pmSeagate 500GB 2.5 HDD in Aukey USB-C enclosure
1,544Anonymous2/28/20 10:26 amPi4 running 2.147Ghz Old 1 gig Sata Seagate HD with WD Elements Sata interface
1,474Anonymous4/28/20 2:10 pmFideco USB3.0 to SATA Enclusure w/Seagate 500Gb 7200Rpm HDD on Pi 4