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Brand: Transcend MTS Series

Transcend MTS Series
Class:SSD (M.2 SATA)
Popularity:#66 / 1,013
# Tests:63
Rank (Overall):#151 / 1,013
Rank (Type):#145 / 525
Rank (Class):#27 / 77
Transcend MTS Series
Brand:Transcend MTS Series
Top Scores
10,330Anonymous3/26/20 2:12 pmTS120GMTS420SM2 SSD
9,966OlS6/13/20 5:43 amTS256GMTS430STranscend - Pi 4 8Gb overclocked
9,293Mike Ure2/19/21 11:23 amTS240GMTS420STranscend MT400 Pi400 2.2Ghz ASM1153e
9,274Anonymous6/27/20 9:46 amTS256GMTS600Transcend 256GB TS256GMTS600 m.2 SATA on Pi4 with UGreen M.2 USB 3.1 Gen 2
9,089Mike Ure2/10/21 7:46 amTS240GMTS420STranscend mt400 240 Gb on USB 1153e host controller
9,073Anonymous5/6/20 4:51 pmTS256GMTS400Transcend
9,058Anonymous3/21/20 7:12 amTS120GMTS420S
8,938Anonymous6/23/20 2:20 amTS120GMTS820S
8,853Anonymous4/8/21 10:47 amTS120GMTS420SMySSD
8,711Anonymous2/25/20 11:17 amTS256GMTS600M2 SSD on Pi 4
8,699Anonymous3/11/21 3:49 pmTS512GMTS830Stest1
8,672MScFW4/12/21 11:55 amTS120GMTS820SSSD M2 on SATA to USB 3.1, Pi4@2GHz
8,665Anonymous3/4/20 9:37 amTS120GMTS420STranscend MTS420S 120GB on Pi 4 using Sabrent EC-M2MC M.2 SSD NGFF to USB3 housing
8,620Anonymous5/6/21 10:31 pmTS120GMTS420SM2 JMICRON AT 2GHZ
8,549Anonymous3/26/20 1:00 pmTS120GMTS420S
Recent Scores
6,914Quillox7/23/21 5:42 amTS120GMTS420SPi4 m.2 ssd with argon one case (usb bridge)
2,999nevtag6/19/21 6:10 amTS120GMTS420STranscend TS120GMTS420S on Pi 4 with StarTech SATA to USB adapter
7,589Anonymous6/3/21 3:01 pmTS512GMTS830Sargon 40 m2 enclosure
7,136Anonymous6/3/21 2:21 pmTS512GMTS830S40 m2 unknown transcend ssd
7,425rpibench5/28/21 5:25 pmTS128GMTS830STransend 128GB M.2 SATA SSD on Pi 4
4,833Anonymous5/16/21 9:40 amTS128GMTS400TS128GMTS400 on Pi4 8GB 64bit using USB3.0
5,654Greg5/12/21 6:22 pmTS128GMTS830STranscend 830S SSD on Pi 4 using ASMedia SATA to USB adapter
8,620Anonymous5/6/21 10:31 pmTS120GMTS420SM2 JMICRON AT 2GHZ
8,486Anonymous5/6/21 10:23 pmTS120GMTS420SM2 JMICRO
6,368SDD4/16/21 11:37 amTS120GMTS820SDEssterno
7,325wav4/14/21 2:58 pmTS128GMTS830SRaspi4 stock Transcend TS128GMTS830S
8,672MScFW4/12/21 11:55 amTS120GMTS820SSSD M2 on SATA to USB 3.1, Pi4@2GHz
6,474Anonymous4/11/21 10:00 amTS120GMTS820S
7,096Anonymous4/10/21 10:44 pmTS120GMTS820S
7,723MscFW4/9/21 8:53 pmTS120GMTS820STranscend 120GB SATA III MTS820S on Pi4 using ELUTENG M.2 to USB 3.1 adapter