To run the benchmark paste/type: sudo curl | sudo bash

Brand: Undentified JMicron USB to SATA Adapter

Undentified JMicron USB to SATA Adapter
Undentified JMicron USB to SATA Adapter
Brand Overview
Brand:Undentified JMicron USB to SATA Adapter
Class:SSD (2.5" SATA)
Popularity:#9 / 1,411
# Tests:555
Rank (Overall):#251 / 1,411
Rank (Type):#246 / 812
Rank (Class):#39 / 361
Top Scores
28,313Anonymous11/8/19 10:30 amJMicronGenericssd
12,076Anonymous8/5/22 9:49 amJMicronTech
10,682Anonymous3/10/20 4:45 pmJMicronTech
10,536Anonymous3/21/20 12:09 pmJMicronTech
10,484Anonymous3/21/20 11:12 amJMicronTech
10,441Anonymous3/22/20 8:06 amJMicronTech
10,420Anonymous3/3/20 2:57 pmJMicronTechqnine usb 3 to nvme caddy. SP nvme 256gb
10,398Giles3/21/20 10:20 amJMicronTechwith unbranded M.2 NVMe SSD USB adapter
10,383Anonymous5/19/20 12:29 pmJMicronGeneric
10,351Anonymous3/21/20 10:32 amJMicronTechunbranded M.2 NVMe SSD USB adapter
10,344Giles3/10/20 6:20 amJMicronTechWestern Digital Blue SN500 NVME and GUDGA M.2 NVMe SSD USB adapter
10,315Anonymous4/27/20 1:26 amJMicronGeneric
10,312Giles3/10/20 5:58 amJMicronTechWD Blue SN550 with GUDGA M.2 NVMe SSD USB adapter
10,269Anonymous3/21/20 2:46 pmJMicronTech
10,255Anonymous3/21/20 10:46 amJMicronTech
Recent Scores
8,738Anonymous2/5/23 3:57 pmJMicronTechpi400 with who knows what kind of SSD...
7,045Anonymous2/5/23 3:57 pmJMicronGenericpi4b with who knows what kind of SSD...
8,305Anonymous1/26/23 2:38 pmJMicronTechpi4 and NVMe ssd
6,579Cropduster12/30/22 12:31 pmJMicronGenericIntenso Premium Edition 3823430 External SDD, 128 GB on Pi 4
2,272Anonymous12/25/22 5:15 pmJMicronTechblah
5,267Anonymous12/14/22 11:10 pmJMicronGenericlp33pi4
4,952MAW10/17/22 11:41 amJMicronTechSamsung 960 Pro NVMe SSD, Pi4, Jmicro Adaptor
7,604MAW10/16/22 12:45 pmJMicronTechKingston 256GB NVMe SSD, Pi4, JMicro Adaptor
8,676thelevti10/6/22 7:02 amJMicronGenericExternal SSD over USB 3 on Pi 4
8,930Anonymous9/8/22 9:02 amJMicronTechHP SSD EX900 250GB NVMe on Pi 4B 1.4 using PNY NVMe to USB adapter
8,958Anonymous8/25/22 7:53 amJMicronGenericssd256
8,460Anonymous8/23/22 2:02 pmJMicronGenericPiSSD
7,957zilesx8/21/22 1:15 pmJMicronGenericpi4 usb m2 adapter
8,290Anonymous8/18/22 1:34 pmJMicronTechtest2
5,924Anonymous8/17/22 5:46 pmJMicronTechnvme boot