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Brand: Western Digital Green M.2

Western Digital Green M.2
Class:SSD (M.2 SATA)
Popularity:#28 / 1,002
# Tests:153
Rank (Overall):#409 / 1,002
Rank (Type):#402 / 524
Rank (Class):#64 / 77
Western Digital Green M.2
Brand:Western Digital Green M.2
Top Scores
7,660speedster3/11/20 7:10 amWDS120G1G0B-00RC30Western Digital 120GB SSD on Pi4 using JMicron SATA to USB adapter
7,189Anonymous4/10/20 4:32 amWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0pi4
7,104Anonymous5/15/21 4:20 pmWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0WD Green SATA M.2
6,869Anonymous2/29/20 12:55 amWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0WD Green 240G M.2 SSD with cBox M280C M.2 HDD enclosure
6,853Anonymous5/2/20 12:42 pmWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0WD Green M.2 2280
6,796Fribse2/21/20 6:42 pmWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0Western Digital Green 240 GB Internal SSD M.2 SATA
6,700Anonymous2/13/21 1:06 amWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0
6,697Anonymous3/3/20 10:57 amWDS120G2G0B-00EPW0
6,695Anonymous4/14/20 11:07 pmWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0250GB SSD drive
6,691Anonymous3/9/20 4:05 pmWDS120G2G0B-00EPW0Western Digital Green 120GB M2 SSD & FIDECO USB 3.1 M2 SATA to USB adapter
6,665Anonymous4/10/20 2:22 amWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0M2
6,628Anonymous1/23/20 12:10 amWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0
6,592Anonymous11/26/19 12:42 pmWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0SSD WD Green 240GB
6,550Anonymous4/13/20 7:05 amWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0
6,476Anonymous2/14/20 11:49 amWDS120G2G0B-00EPW0Transcend_m.2._ssd_enclosure
Recent Scores
5,416Anonymous7/27/21 12:13 amWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0
4,847Anonymous7/19/21 6:35 amWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0WD Green 240 M2 on Pi4 Argon one
4,104Anonymous7/15/21 11:35 amWDS120G2G0B-00EPW0wdgreen
6,014Anonymous7/15/21 11:35 amWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0wd-green
6,047Zebedee6/30/21 7:52 amWDS240G2G0B-00EPW0WD Green 240GB M.2 SSD on Pi 4 in ArgonONE M.2 case