To run the benchmark paste/type: sudo curl | sudo bash

Brand: Western Digital My Passport SSD

Western Digital My Passport SSD
Western Digital My Passport SSD
Brand Overview
Brand:Western Digital My Passport SSD
Class:SSD (Portable)
Popularity:#118 / 1,269
# Tests:58
Rank (Overall):#553 / 1,269
Rank (Type):#539 / 733
Rank (Class):#96 / 125
Top Scores
10,547MAssEy2/15/20 4:50 pmMyPassport25F3wd my passport on rpi4 @ 2.147 GHz
9,382Anonymous2/21/20 10:31 amMyPassport25F3Wester Digital My Passport SSD 256GB, USB 3.1
8,930Anonymous5/18/20 1:19 pmMyPassport25F3Western Digital My Passport SSD on Pi 4
8,813Anonymous4/18/20 4:04 pmMyPassport25F3WD USB SSD
8,694BrorsBror3/19/20 4:08 amMyPassport25F3wd usb SSD on Rpi 4
8,636ElecTechNet5/10/20 4:57 amMyPassport25F3MyPassport SSD on Pi 4B
8,622Anonymous6/8/20 3:23 pmMyPassport25F3WD My passport SSD
8,570jhsis2/17/20 10:36 pmMyPassport25F3Western Digital My Drive SSD on Pi 4
8,463Anonymous3/8/20 7:00 amMyPassport25F3WD
8,427Anonymous2/5/20 12:46 pmMyPassport25F3ssd
8,331Anonymous2/28/21 1:40 amMyPassport264FWD SSD on Pi 4
8,160Anonymous3/13/22 9:18 amMyPassport264Fnew rammm detector
8,121Anonymous12/19/21 6:52 pmMyPassport264F
8,103Anonymous6/9/20 5:30 pmMyPassport25F3External SSD WD My Passport
8,087GVF8/21/21 10:30 amMyPassport25F3WD My Passport SSD
Recent Scores
8,160Anonymous3/13/22 9:18 amMyPassport264Fnew rammm detector
4,431Anonymous2/9/22 4:08 pmMyPassport25F3
8,121Anonymous12/19/21 6:52 pmMyPassport264F
7,447Anonymous12/14/21 2:28 amMyPassport264F
7,967Anonymous10/30/21 2:22 pmMyPassport264FWD 1TB SSD / Raspi4 / Ubuntu 20.10
2,776scepi10/26/21 7:58 amMyPassport261BVerbatim 500GB SSD USB3
3,102Anonymous10/5/21 6:19 pmMyPassport261BWD 500Gb My Passport Go on Pi400 with inbuilt USB adaptor
8,087GVF8/21/21 10:30 amMyPassport25F3WD My Passport SSD
3,242Anonymous7/18/21 1:09 pmMyPassport261BKingston A400 SSD on Pi4
2,763Anonymous5/27/21 8:34 pmMyPassport261B
2,173Anonymous5/20/21 10:06 amMyPassport25F3
2,416Wildfire5/14/21 12:25 pmMyPassport261BWestern Digital WD My Passport GO 500GB on Pi4
5,015Anonymous5/2/21 11:35 amMyPassport264FWD MY passport NVME with USB storage driver
2,730Arki @ au4/13/21 6:02 pmMyPassport261BWD 500GB Cobalt SSD on Pi4 rerun - Arki
3,025Arki @ au4/13/21 10:29 amMyPassport261BWD Cobalt 500GB SSD (new) on Pi4 4GB (new) run as boot - Arki