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Brand: Western Digital SN530

Western Digital SN530
Western Digital SN530
Brand Overview
Brand:Western Digital SN530
Class:SSD (M.2 NVMe)
Popularity:#104 / 1,582
# Tests:127
Rank (Overall):#89 / 1,582
Rank (Type):#89 / 909
Rank (Class):#83 / 216
Top Scores
71,857OceanRunner4/25/23 5:04 amPCSN530SDBPNPZ-256G-1006WD Nvme on HP Laptop
71,045Anonymous6/25/24 8:21 amPCSN530SDBPMPZ-512G-1101
70,919OceanRunner4/1/23 11:16 pmPCSN530SDBPNPZ-256G-1006NVMe on HP Laptop
67,165pratunam1/15/23 10:18 amPCSN530SDBPNPZ-512G-1006hp@pratunam
54,764Anonymous3/10/22 11:39 amPCSN530SDBPNPZ-1T00-1002
54,086L&M5/8/24 8:30 pmPCSN530SDBPMPZ-256G-1101Waveshare PCIe + m.2 Hat, W/D SN-W/D SN-530--- pi-5 new first install....
53,905Anonymous3/31/24 10:31 amPCSN530NVMeWDC512GB
53,797Anonymous3/29/24 12:02 amPCSN530NVMeWDC512GB
53,334L&M7/11/24 9:45 amPCSN530SDBPMPZ-256G-1101Waveshare hat w/ W-D 256G SSD nvme// Pi-5multi in
52,968L$M5/26/24 6:50 pmPCSN530SDBPMPZ-256G-1101waveshare M.2 Hat + W/D sn530 256G SSD nvme/ pi-5 multiple installs this board.
52,960Anonymous4/7/24 11:09 amPCSN530SDBPMPZ-256G-1001W/D SN-530 SSD 256G on a 52pi #n05 board PI-5 first install
52,903Anonymous3/31/24 9:42 amPCSN530NVMeWDC512GB
52,647NTNcomputer5/13/24 8:46 pmPCSN530SDBPNPZ-256G-1006Pimoroni with WD530
52,565NTNcomputer5/13/24 8:42 pmPCSN530SDBPNPZ-256G-1006NTNcomputer
52,334Anonymous5/28/24 11:57 amPCSN530SDBPMPZ-256G-1101SSD-N
Recent Scores
53,334L&M7/11/24 9:45 amPCSN530SDBPMPZ-256G-1101Waveshare hat w/ W-D 256G SSD nvme// Pi-5multi in
21,365Anonymous7/7/24 10:20 amPCSN530NVMeWDC256GBOrange Pi 5
20,393Anonymous7/7/24 10:15 amPCSN530NVMeWDC256GBOn OrangePi 5
50,237L&M7/2/24 10:05 pmPCSN530SDBPMPZ-256G-1101W/D SN-530 256G 2242 Amazon, 52pi Tiny nvme top mount..
24,365aBUGSworstnightmare7/2/24 10:02 amPCSN530SDBPNPZ-256G-1114Sandisk Corp WD Blue SN550 NVMe SSD (rev 01)
51,816aBUGSworstnightmare7/2/24 6:14 amPCSN530SDBPMPZ-256G-1101Sandisk Corp PC SN530 NVMe SSD (DRAM-less) (rev 01)
50,993L&M7/1/24 4:31 pmPCSN530SDBPMPZ-256G-110152pi Tiny nvme W/D SN-530 256G nvme, on a Pi-5
34,598Anonymous6/29/24 8:42 amPCSN530SDBPNPZ-512G-1114rock-5b
39,703Anonymous6/28/24 12:46 amPCSN530SDBPMPZ-256G-1101Pi Hat+ WD
39,868Petr6/26/24 3:12 amPCSN530NVMeWDC256GBWD SN530 NVMe 256GB in Raspberry pi M.2 HAT+, stock RPi5 clock
71,045Anonymous6/25/24 8:21 amPCSN530SDBPMPZ-512G-1101
42,538L&M6/20/24 5:57 amPCSN530SDBPMPZ-256G-1001W/D SN-530 256G HDD using a 52pi Tiny nmve board
11,362Anonymous6/13/24 7:10 pmPCSN530NVMeWDC256GBWD-SN530-256GB on orangepi 3b
52,231L&M6/10/24 8:16 pmPCSN530SDBPMPZ-256G-1001W/D SN-530 256G on a PI-5 with 52pi Tiny nvme board.
50,363Anonymous6/9/24 4:44 amPCSN530NVMeWDC256GB