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Brand: Intenso SSDSataIII Series

Intenso SSDSataIII Series
Class:SSD (2.5" SATA)
Popularity:#26 / 1,007
# Tests:156
Rank (Overall):#362 / 1,007
Rank (Type):#352 / 525
Rank (Class):#161 / 275
Intenso SSDSataIII Series
Brand:Intenso SSDSataIII Series
Top Scores
8,769Anonymous5/16/20 6:37 pmSSDSATAIIIIntenso 128gb Pi4
8,673Anonymous9/18/19 11:36 amINTENSOintenso portable ssd
8,539Anonymous3/23/20 4:12 pmINTENSO
8,523Anonymous4/20/20 4:53 amSSDSataIII
8,490Anonymous5/9/20 6:22 pmSSDSataIII
8,447Bananes PowerPi2/2/20 2:56 amSSDSatalllPi4-4GB with Intenso 2.5 SSD High 120GB via ASM1051E SATA 6Gb/s bridge (inateck)
8,436Anonymous5/5/20 9:15 amSSDSataIII
8,416KN212/18/19 5:20 amINTENSOICYBox 2x Intenso 120GB SSD
8,401KS6/11/20 12:13 pmSSDSataIIIIntenso 256 GByte SSD, connected via ELUTENG USB 3.0 zu SATA Kabel 5 Gbp/s
8,399Anonymous4/10/20 10:15 amSSDSataIIIIntenso
8,334Anonymous2/23/20 10:54 amSSDSataIII
8,293Anonymous6/29/20 3:38 amSSDSataIIImySSD
8,275helmi92/26/20 5:59 pmSSDSataIIIIntenso High Performance 128GB on Pi 4 using ICY BOX SATA to USB adapter
8,180BrainPain6/4/20 8:44 amSSDSataIIIRPi 4B 4GB with 120GB Intenso running openhabian
8,163Anonymous4/24/20 7:26 amSSDSATAIIIIntenso TOP Performance - M.2 2280 SATA III SSD in Noname enclosure on Pi 4
Recent Scores
7,143Anonymous7/26/21 12:45 amSSDINTENSO Top SSD in Pi 4 using Orico SATA to USB adapter
7,088Anonymous7/18/21 12:45 pmSSD
5,958pjlsh7/15/21 9:17 amSSDSATAIIIIntenso SSD on P4 using Argon m.2
5,814pjlsh7/15/21 9:14 amSSDSATAIIIIntenso SSD on P4 using Argon m.2
5,628pjlsh7/15/21 9:12 amSSDSATAIIIIntenso SSD on P4 using Argon m.2
7,494Anonymous7/11/21 10:57 amSSDSataIIIIntenso M.2 SSD TOP on ADWITS USB3 Enclosure
7,742Anonymous7/11/21 10:52 amSSDSataIIIIntenso M.2 SSD TOP on ADWITS USB3 Enclosure
7,898just4fun7/5/21 4:34 pmSSDSataIIIIntenso M.2 SSD 120Gb on Pi 4 using SSK SHE-C320 SATA to USB adapter / enclosure
6,916Anonymous6/12/21 3:45 pmINTENSOIntenso Portable SSD (Business) 120 GB
5,303Anonymous6/11/21 6:44 pmSSDSATAIIIIntenso 512GB Premium External SSD on Pi 4 using USB3 and disabled UAS
1,779Anonymous6/11/21 1:03 pmSSDSataIIIHallo ddd
4,735DHR6/6/21 3:37 pmSSDSataIIIIntenso SSD 256gb
6,025Anonymous5/21/21 11:04 amSSDSataIII
6,905Anonymous5/19/21 7:41 pmSATAIIISSD
4,774Anonymous5/19/21 7:27 amSSDSataIIIIntenso 2.5 SD SATA III